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Radio unlock online service

We provide worldwide car stereo decoding services.

We find codes for all makes and models of car stereo head units.To unlock your stereo, please follow the following steps:

1.    Send us a photo of: the sticker on the case or the display showing the details of your stereo. (You have to remove a car stereo and send us the photo of the sticker on the case of your stereo in WhatsApp or Viber. We will provide you with the instructions on How To Remove a Car Stereo, if need be).

2.    Based on the details you gave us, we will find a code for your car stereo.

3.    Pay for our decoding service.

4.    Enter the code into the car stereo.

Note:  We guarantee all the codes we provide!

We dealing with all the countries across the globe:  Europe, USA, Asia, Africa,America, and Australia.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to text or call us by phone, in WhatsApp or Viber.Contact person: Maxim, Laboratory Technician, +7-929-670-80-90 (WhatsApp and Viber).

We work 7 days a week.The ODOCAR.RU laboratory was set up in 1998.

We have 4 employees.

You can always find us in social media:

1.Facebook ODOCAR-world

2.Instagram:ODOCAR -electronics



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